At An Emotional Crossroads

Accomplished; this is how I have been feeling all week. My classmate Phoebe and I picked up a very large donation from a wonderful donor, Karen Bettin. This hefty donation included everything from crayons to paper to backpacks. Even more, this donation is so large that Phoebe and I will definitely be meeting our goal of filling 10 shipping boxes. This doesn’t even include the supplies waiting for us at AOPi as well as the large donations from my boss.

10 boxes for School Supplies for Afghanistan? Check! (Photo from

Relieved; this is how you probably think I feel. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that on some level I feel very relieved about my status in raising supplies. However, something is unsettled inside of me. I am wondering if the children in Afghanistan feel relieved after they receive our supplies. Are their worries taken away? Do they feel like they can accomplish more? Do they feel like they can pave a pathway for their future?

Time to sigh, stretch, and scream, "Yes!" (Photo from

Quizzical; this is a feeling I have that has surprised me. When my job is technically ‘done,’ I find myself wondering whether a job is ever done. Sure, I could relax a bit for the end of the semester, graduate, and not really think about this cause ever again. Yet, is this what learning or my participation in this class is really about? Sometimes we get so caught up in making the A grade or finishing all assignments punctually, but education is about more than that. Education is about making change.

Each answer brings a new question.... (Photo from

Hopeful; this is a feeling I want you to help me keep. What I am truly beginning to understand is that I want to be an active person. I want to be involved and informed. I want to make a change. I want to keep caring even past deadlines and grading days. Want to help me? Click here to help me keep hopeful!

I am also hopeful that you will keep me feeling hopeful! (Photo from

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