Unexpected Generosity from Incredible People

I have the absolute best of news to discuss in my post this week.  Last week I mentioned that I would be collecting all the donations from Sister’s United Muslim Association on Friday.  I went to the meeting like any other, collection box in hand, excited to get to pick up donations to carry over to the storage room we have been using inside the USF Honors College.  I arrive a little late surprised to see that the meeting hasn’t really started yet.  Confused by this I look down the hall and I see three SUMA members struggling to pull a huge cart all the way up to the room.

A Tribute to SUMA and how all their teamwork and support is going to help so many Afghan Children: Photo Courtesy of USF SUMA

A collection cart is piled high with notebooks, paper, and fun erasers, the supplies practically overflowing from the cart.  Apparently, the supplies were donated by local Islamic private schools that several SUMA members were alumni of.  Seeing the mountains of notebooks made me at a loss for words.  I still don’t know how I can really thank SUMA and the schools they went to and obtained these donations from.  It gives me such joy to see this huge collection and to know how many kids will be helped by it.

SUMA was not the only ones to show incredible kindness to me on Friday.  Once the SUMA members passed the cart to me I began to make the trek from USF’s Marshall Center over to the Honors College.  Normally this would not be a difficult walk but carrying a huge cart covered with piles of notebooks made this an incredibly challenging journey.  The worst part was trying to fit the cart into the elevator by myself.  I spent quite some time struggling and I guess my struggles did not go entirely unnoticed.

After 10 minutes of fighting by myself to fit a very large and very full chart into a small elevator I finally hear a friendly voice, “You need some help?”.  I look up to see Dean Silverman of the Honors College at the front of the elevator.  Apparently, he saw me bring the cart over and thought it seemed like it was taking me too long to get the stuff up to the Honors College.  He helped me angle the cart into the elevator and I finally managed to get it upstairs with his help.

Dean Silverman: Photo Courtesy of the USF Honors College

The generosity of both SUMA and Dean Silverman amazed me that day.  It says a lot about a person as important as the Dean when he cares enough about his students to purposely leave his office to come help one of them get supplies into an elevator.   I can’t even explain how good it felt to receive such generosity from both SUMA and the Dean.  It amazes me to see how many others have been inspired by our project and our actions.  It feels really good to see everything come together.

The donations from SUMA filled about 15 shipping boxes alone, and more supplies are still waiting to get boxed up.  I am thrilled with the progress we have made this semester and all the work we have done to get much needed supplies to Afghan children.  If you are interested in learning more about School Supplies for Afghan Children, follow us on Facebook.

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