Thank You Professor Temple

Our class with school supplies that are ready to be shipped out to Afghanistan. (Photo courtesy of Liisa Temple)

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and this course will officially come to an end.  This has probably been my favorite course throughout my college career because not only is it hands on, but it also allows the students like myself to make a positive difference in the world.  We had the ability to change the lives for the children in Afghanistan by collecting and sending over school supplies.

Over the course of this semester, we had numerous fundraisers; spoke on the radio, visited MacDill Air Force Base and asked friends and family for support through donations.  We also had individual efforts to raise school supplies and donations as a whole.

This class has taught me a lot about myself.  I learned some very important lessons and realized that there is a lot I take for granted.  This has been the most enjoyable class for me.  When first signing up for Major Works / Major Issues, an Honors College class here at USF, we had the option to choose from five or six classes.  After hearing the choices, I knew I had to sign up for this one.  With this semester coming to a close, it’s clear I made the right choice.

Our class touring MacDill Air Force base. (Photo courtesy of Liisa Temple)

My favorite part about this course was the “field trip” to MacDill Air Force base.  As mentioned in my previous blog, “Field Trip To MacDill Air Force Base,” this was my first time on any military base.  The airmen who greeted us were thanking us, the students, for taking the time to collect these school supplies.  I was in awe.  I felt like we should be thanking them for having the courage to defend our country.  They were the real heroes.  This trip made an enormous impact on me and showed me how important our class really was.

One pencil can really bring peace.  This class is helping to change the country of Afghanistan and improve the lives of the Afghan citizens.  By educating the future of this country, we are helping to create stability.

Professor Liisa Temple and Mr. Rex Temple. This class would not be possible without them! (Photo courtesy of Liisa Temple)

I would like to thank our professor, Liisa Temple and her husband, Mr. Rex Temple for taking the time to create this organization.  Without them, none of this would be possible.

About Chase Zimmerman

I am 22 year old Advertising major at a the University of South Florida.
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