Awards, Advice, and Funny Hats at a Party

So this week in class, Professor Temple had invited the last year’s class for a special award ceremony.  The students from last year’s class collected more than 200 boxes of school supplies and raised $4,000 for the shipping fund.  They deserved the awards, but in addition to the awards, they received gifts from families in Afghanistan who wanted to show their appreciation.  These families valued their children’s education and were thankful for the school supplies that allowed their children to attend school.  They wanted to show their appreciation by sending what they could.

Gifts from Afghanistan sent for previous students (photo by Archana Reddy)

The last year’s class did a phenomenal job collecting supplies and they deserve the gifts from the families and the certificates of recognition from the Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan.  To celebrate, we had a party with coffee and bagels.  The Dean of the Honors College, Dr. Silverman, even joined the party wearing one of his unique hats.  He even got a new hat from Afghanistan to add to his collection (last year’s class insisted he take one of the presents).

Dean Silverman giving out the certificates of appreciation while wearing an Afghan hat (Photo by: Shelby Register 2012).

Last year’s class was even kind enough to help us out by giving us advice and motivation.  They gave everyone new ideas and new insights on how to raise school supplies.  They told us what worked for them and what didn’t and the problems they faced when they were fundraising.  They even motivated us by telling us to keep trying even if people say no to donating and sooner or later you will find success.

I did find success as I received 10 notebooks from a few friends that I sent my donor letters to.  Thanks for the support!  And with the encouragement I received from the previous class and the notebooks I received, I have gained momentum in collecting school supplies.  I plan to keep the momentum going by contacting office supply companies and asking for a donations.

Until next time, farewell!

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I am a junior at USF studying Biology. I am interesting medicine and hope to become a doctor in the future.
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