A Whole Semester of Learning

My last exam just ended and finally I am getting to breathe a sigh of relief knowing this semester has come to a close.  This semester has been one of the hardest and yet most rewarding of my academic career and I have this class to thank for that.

My course load generally consists of large lecture courses and labs.  Its the reality of being a science major.  Its structured, grueling, and usually involves lots of studying and taking exams.  Taking a class like this honors course was a whole new experience.  For once I got to learn through experience rather than my performance on a test.  In a way this was far more enriching for me.

The USF Interdisciplinary Science Building: Photo Courtesy of The University of South Florida

Instead of listening to lectures we had open conversations, we got to ask questions and give each other feedback as a group.  I loved being able to have control and to learn that I had the ability to make the effort for change myself.  I won’t lie it was stressful at times and overwhelming but more often then not my efforts worthwhile and many of the people I recruited to help collect school supplies more than rose to the occasion.

I found amazing support from a variety of sources including friends, family and family of friends.  I was amazed how my actions inspired others to help and I was especially impressed by how the Sister’s United Muslim Association (SUMA) was completely committed to this cause.  At the end of the semester my collections combined with those of my classmates combined to make up a total of 133 boxes.

Afghan Girls with Donated Beanie Babies: Photo Courtesy of Rex Temple

I’ve learned a lot and I feel like we’ve accomplished some incredible things.  I cannot wait to hear about the schools that receive our donations and to see the excitement on the children’s faces.  If you are interested in continuing to follow the progress of our charity, check out our Facebook.

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