Clearing the Mist

A misty morning day. Image gleaned from

When traveling in an new place you never really know where you are until you reach the destination. It’s as though you’re surrounded by an obscuring fog and can’t see where you are.  But right now, it feels almost as though the Sun is clearing the obscuring mists and we can finally see how far we’ve come since our uneasy beginnings. In our semester long journey, as a class, were starting to finally see the results of our efforts.

Afghan Children Waiting for Supplies (Photo Taken By: Rex Temple)

Class this week was held off so we could work on our individual projects (i.e. any one or anything we thought could help; from collecting supplies to begging on the streets). So week I went and personally contacted couple of the prospective donors from earlier this semester that hadn’t gotten back to me. Both families seemed like they had genuinely forgotten and weren’t trying to give me the brush off. A good sign and since they both have children in school; hopefully, I’ll be able to collect another box or two in these last couple of weeks.

I was recently reminded as to, what I think, the true purpose of what we’re doing is by collecting school supplies. It’s not settling an injustice, trying to right the wrongs that ensued after the Cold War. One cannot change the past and despite the gesture of the actions, resentment always remains in a human heart. We’re not sharing what we have because it’s right to give back to those less fortunate than you; although I might just be pessimistic on that subject. What we are doing is investing in the future of the human condition in the only way that truly matters – the education of children.

As always, follow this link for a list of items collected for school supply donations or if you have supplies for donation. Thank you for your support and have a good weekend.

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