Reflections From The Real World

“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself”

-John Dewey

Picture of John Dewey, American Philosopher and educational reformer. Photo courtesy of

This concept phrased so well by an educational reformer and philosopher is one that is not reflected commonly in a classroom.  It is all too often that students are reminded to learn now and live later.  So much that students often begin to believe that very thing.  Though there are many reasons why educators today accept this belief as inevitable it only takes one teacher to introduce a new line of thinking.  Fortunately this class introduced me to one.  This class was lead by an educator that supported the idea that students should learn though their life not only for the future. While it is true education provides a foundation for future pursuits it is important to note that it is not it’s sole purpose.  Being at a university level of study or even any level of study does not mean my hands are tied until graduation day.  In fact I believe that when graduation day arrives many students are quite startled and possibly unprepared for what many call “the real world.”  Well haven’t we been in the real world all along?

This class truly presented an environment where we could be limitless in our pursuits, gain an education through our actions while being supported and guided by our teacher.  After reflecting on this thought it seems strange that throughout my whole university experience this is the only class that has provided such an example, when it seems more appropriate that all classes should consist of environments such as the one I have had the privilege of participating in.

Clearwater High: Another school to donate materials to School Supplies for Afghan Children. Photo Courtesy of

Many of these realizations came to me after having the opportunity to speak to some of Clearwater High School’s AP students. While I was there I witnessed typical attitudes that I once shared while in high school.  Mainly, the desire to get out as quick as possible. To every one who has the honor and privilege to sit in a classroom, remember education is not something that should be separated so easily from your life. Education is something you not only experience by going to school but by living.  As a result education is truly part of life itself.  You would not give up your life very easily, the same should go for your education.

Final Notes of Thanks

To the USF Honors College- thank you for seeing the value of this class and the need for it to be a part of your curriculum.

To Professor Temple- thank you for being what every child grows up envisioning a teacher to be-someone that not only educates but also provides all their students with an environment to learn in, the tools to work with, and the guidance that is given when we lose our way.  You not only presented us with an education but an opportunity to give one to others, what an amazing gift and one that will never be forgotten.

To Mr. Rex Temple- thank you for your service to this country and this class, without it this opportunity would never have been there.

Our final day of class with a shipment of 45 boxes! (42 APO flat rate boxes and 3 odd sized boxes for larger items like backpacks)

To my fellow classmates – thank you again for the teamwork and support that was always present throughout the semester.

Finally to Ms. Anne Pekrul and her students at Clearwater High School- thank you for adopting this cause.  You are bright students and have a teacher that cares.  Remember at times to appreciate what you have it never hurts to take a look around to see what you lack.  Do not fall into the belief that the real world is something that happens when you graduate, you are in it right now so don’t waste time waiting for it to come or it will pass you by.

About kaciesegovia

My name is Kacie Segovia. I am a student at USF with a double major in psychology and criminology. I have the hopes to attend graduate school to attain a PhD in counseling and development. From there I am interested in building my career around helping at risk children in and out of the country. My ultimate goal is to use my life and opportunities as the means in which children may be provided with the ability to attain an education for themselves in areas where going to school is more a dream than a reality.
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