How privileged are we?

The CW used to have a show, Privileged, which showed the lives of two sisters who have had a very privileged life of wealth. They had the kind of life that was filled with extravagance and excess. However, this past week I’ve been wondering if only this type of life is considered a type of privilege

These past two weeks I have been sharing a laptop with my brother. Mine has been out of commission and thus, he and I have disputing on whose need for it is greater with both of us presenting our arguments. I have felt so deprived because of my lack of access to technology that I have been pestering the technicians about when I can get my laptop working again.

The computer in whose absence made me realize how much I depended on it. Photo credit: Phoebe Chang

This process brings up again the phrase: “First world problems.” I have the ability to make a call without being attached to the wall, I am able to in an instant connect with someone in another country and hear their voice. I can even send them an email and write to people on blogs such as this one- sharing my thoughts to people I have never met. Sure, I may be limited in the rate at which this can occur but that is only because someone is watching a video uploaded by another person on a different continent.

As the world is quickly developing and advances in technology increase it is so easy to forget where we stand in relation to others. While the laptop I am using now shuts down when I tilt the screen just so at least I have access to it. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that privilege comes in many forms.

Privilege can be both tangible and intangible. It can be in the form of material items or beliefs and ideas. However, it all depends on perspective and it’s relative. Remember that there will always be some part of your life that someone else does not have and for that you are privileged.

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About Phoebe

I'm a student at the University of South Florida majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I would like to be a Speech Language Pathologist in the future. In my spare time I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, spending time with my family and traveling. Oh, and a good book is always a plus!
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