Gratitude for a Great Semester

Congratulations and thanks again to the first class of students who were able to take part in this great class! Photo courtesy of Liisa Temple

Today in class we received one of the last assignments we will have for the semester.  It was to begin writing well-deserved thank you letters to all the people and organizations that have helped us be so successful.  But first I thought it would be appropriate to say thank you to my classmates.  Working together and supporting each other’s progress and ideas resulted in an exciting semester. Throughout the course my fellow classmates produced some amazing blogs and as recognition of that I created this blog entry using the titles of many of the entries that were written during this spring term.  Once again congratulations to my fellow classmates of the first semester of “A Pencil Can Help Bring Peace”!

It all began with my first blog post with 39 pens, 23 pencils, and the ability to bring change and peace.  We were inspired to leap out of our bubble for charity and make a difference with the USF Honors College. A glimpse into the harsh life of a child of Afghanistan revealed how ungrateful was I.  Education is life itself and a necessary tool to defy the Taliban. Believing that you can change the world and never taking your education for granted results in the fact that coming together can have a big impact.

Class picture in a hangar at MacDill Air Force Base. Photo courtesy of Liisa Temple

Starting with our class getting on TV to a prosperous spring break we began making progress.  At times it felt as if we just keep going and going 24/7 (seriously) with so much accomplished and yet so much more to do.  Fortunately due to super people doing amazing things and unstoppable schools we are coming to a close…kinda.  Through stormy weather and enlightenment at MacDill Air Force Base I found out we are privileged. By taking this course one step at a time we learned that it is not always about coming up with answers but rather taking advice and using it.  Moving forward and hoping for the best gave us the privilege of experiencing change.  Some of us went from cynic to philanthropist while others began to think globally and act locally.  Before you know it we were learning humility, getting exposure and being persistent.

An education is priceless but it is only $12.95 to ship a dream (one of our school supplies boxes).  This is the final countdown and we are nearing our goal.  Though the pressures off (the need remains) so the wheels are still turning.  To all the “superladies”; nothing is impossible and to all the helping hands thank you for paying it forward.  A little sacrifice with a lot of generosity enabled us to provide opportunities for Afghan children to lift their head for a better future.

Note from Kacie’s professor Liisa Temple: As now the student in this class have shipped 145 boxes to Afghanistan. As of today the students have raised about $1,300 for the shipping (we’ve spent $1,877.75 so far on the shipping).  We are hoping the students will be able to raise another $1,000 in the last few weeks of our class campaign as they are very likely to end up collecting about 200 to 240 boxes of school supplies by the time their entire effort is finished early this summer. (If they collect 200 boxes, the shipping cost will be about $2,600; if they collect 240 boxes, the shipping tally will be $3,100.)

About kaciesegovia

My name is Kacie Segovia. I am a student at USF with a double major in psychology and criminology. I have the hopes to attend graduate school to attain a PhD in counseling and development. From there I am interested in building my career around helping at risk children in and out of the country. My ultimate goal is to use my life and opportunities as the means in which children may be provided with the ability to attain an education for themselves in areas where going to school is more a dream than a reality.
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