A Load Lifted

I’ve spent most of this week in academic agony finalizing my thesis and gathering all the supplementary materials to submit my grad school application; and it dawned on me just how lucky I am. Despite the rising costs and the constant complaints of students; it is expected that young adults in the States get at least an undergraduate degree. Yet in places like Afghanistan you’d be lucky to have a high school education.

Some of the boxes packed on April 16th during class. Photo by Alejandro Cuesta.

This week our class spent our time packing hard collected supplies for transport. It was increasingly satisfying to see our hard work yielding tangible results. Several hundred pounds of supply and a couple of cramped wrists later, we finally loaded 45 full boxes of supplies on to a loading cart; which then took two people to push and squealed like a dying boar. By the time we got to Professor Temple’s car I thought the wheels were gonna pop off the poor cart. An interesting parallel, once we loaded our 45 boxes of supplies into the car, we discovered that it was parked in space 45. It was just one of those days.

Picture of Liisa Temple putting in leftover packaging supplies to a car full of 45 boxes of donated school supplies. Photo by Alejandro Cuesta.

So now with almost half of the desired 110 boxes packed and shipped, we look towards what’s left in our last week of classes. Sure we’ve got a room full of supplies that couldn’t be packed this week, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. We’ll be doing a final scrimmage for supplies and I hope that if you have the ability to help, you won’t let it go to waste. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you can help.

As always, follow this link for a list of items collected for school supply donations or if you have supplies for donation. Thank you for your support and have a good weekend.

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