People Knitting Together

One of the things that I’ve been doing this week is writing a few thank you notes. The end of the semester is getting here, we’ve collected a lot of school supplies, and there are quite a few people that deserve some thanks for how they’ve helped us to help the kids in Afghanistan. Well, one of the notes that I was writing was for Father Alan over at the Catholic Student Center her at USF. I had gotten in touch with him and asked if he could help collect some supplies from the students that attended mass there on Sundays. Of course, he had no problem helping out, and ended up giving me a couple boxes worth of school supplies. The funny thing though is how I ended up getting those supplies.

Some thank you notes I was working on, including one to Father Alan.

Originally, when I had dropped of some fliers and a box with Father Alan, he said that he would make an announcement on the upcoming Sunday, and that they’d probably have some stuff if I checked back in a week’s time.  Well, that was on a Wednesday and by the following Wednesday I was busy enough that I hadn’t made it over to the Catholic Student Center (CSC). Instead, I sent a quick email to a friend of mine that’s a regular over there—actually my friend Reina is a pretty active member of USF’s Catholic Student Union. However, she was pretty busy herself, what with Relay for life coming up at the end of the week, and of course her grueling course load. So, she said she’d check in on it the coming weekend, so I planned on picking stuff up the week after I had originally. But I hadn’t considered the oddities of the universe that bring people together.

Monday morning, before I’d had a chance to find out about what had been collected at the CSC, I was down at MacDill Airforce Base getting a tour from some airmen that were very supportive of our efforts. And when I met up with my classmates to begin the tour of the base, Jordi  said to me that he had a bunch of school supplies for me in his trunk! I hadn’t even mentioned my donation box at the CSC, and yet he had not only found out about it but also done the job of bringing in the school supplies for me.  I was surprised to say the least. It turns out that Jordi had gone to Relay for Life at USF, and in the course of the night had run into a group of students from the Catholic Student Union, some of which he knew, that invited him to join them for mass and for their meeting on Sunday. Wanting to check out the catholic community on campus, he went to the meeting on Sunday, at which one of the other members of the Catholic Student Union (my friend Reina) brought up the topic of our school supplies drive.

Some of the school supplies that Jordi brought to me from the Catholic Student Center.

It turned out that they had collected some supplies and needed to get them to me, and it just so happened that Jordi was now in the perfect position to help out–and so he did.

It’s funny how the different strands of a person’s social network can meet up. And it seems that more often than not, when they do meet up they strengthen your network and make it easier to make use of the people you know and the friends you have.

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