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I am a junior at USF studying Biology. I am interesting medicine and hope to become a doctor in the future.

Awards, Advice, and Funny Hats at a Party

So this week in class, Professor Temple had invited the last year’s class for a special award ceremony.  The students from last year’s class collected more than 200 boxes of school supplies and raised $4,000 for the shipping fund.  They … Continue reading

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First Step to Success!

Earlier this evening, Archana Reddy (Ana) and I attended the regular Honors College Student Counsel meeting in Juniper Poplar building on campus.  The meeting was very brief and we waited until the Honors Counsel members were done presenting their events and … Continue reading

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The Snowball Effect

This week, we have begun to plan out events to help raise school supplies.  Everyone is working hard and thinking of unique ideas to get donations. The classroom was very energetic.  This got me thinking of how much of a … Continue reading

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A Game Plan!

How do I collect school supplies?  This thought has been going through my mind ever since our class started.  But now I have a few ideas about how I can accomplish this.  I just need to manage my time and … Continue reading

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Motivation Crushes Obstacles

This week officially marks the start of our school supplies fundraising.  The goal is to fill 10 flat-rate shipping boxes per a person.  When I first heard our goal, it seemed like a huge number.  The thought of not being … Continue reading

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The Definition of True Bravery

When I hear of Afghanistan, I imagine a war where the two sides clearly fight face to face.  But to my surprise, the war in Afghanistan is anything but a fight that is face to face.  The fight is more … Continue reading

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Jumping Into the Deep-End!

It has only been the second class meeting and we are already getting our feet wet.   During class, we began sealing the holes and openings of the priority shipping boxes to ensure that nothing gets into the box, such as … Continue reading

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