First Step to Success!

Earlier this evening, Archana Reddy (Ana) and I attended the regular Honors College Student Counsel meeting in Juniper Poplar building on campus.  The meeting was very brief and we waited until the Honors Counsel members were done presenting their events and updates for the Honors College.  After they finished presenting, Ana got up and began presenting our fundraising event.

Honors Student Council Members. Photo by Krupal Patel.

Ana began by giving the Honors Student Counsel a little background about School Supplies for Afghan Children.  She talked about how retired SMSgt Rex Temple gave a child a pencil and in return he gave valuable intelligence that helped out the troops in Afghanistan.  Then she talked about how from there it became a public project when more people learned about it and how now it has become a course in the honors college that is taught by retired SMSgt Rex Temple’s wife and our professor, Liisa Temple.

She then ended by explaining what types of supplies were acceptable, such as lightly used or new conditioned notebooks, pencils, and pens.  The council members were very happy with the presentation and applauded.  A few people even asked questions.  They were mainly concerned with what lightly used supplies meant.  This showed that the student council members were willing to help out themselves.  This is amazing since they may have only heard about the project once or twice before and are willing to donate school supplies right off the bat.

School supplies. (Photo Courtesy

Ana, having a previous relationship with the Honors Student Council, present the ideas and background of the project.  The project was well received by the student council and it seems as though this project is well on its way to success.  Next we meet with the volunteer department of the Honors College Student Council to discuss the details of the fundraising event.

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I am a junior at USF studying Biology. I am interesting medicine and hope to become a doctor in the future.
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