The Other Impact of Education

As the semester draws closer to an end, I’ve started reflecting on my own life and wondering what impact education has made on my life.  Without education, I wouldn’t have been blessed with the many opportunities I’ve been blessed with, met those I consider my role models or taken the path of life I have taken. All of this has made me think about the difference between learning with other students versus picking up a book and teaching yourself. The experience of education inside the classroom has laid the main foundation in my life in regards to my values and beliefs, personality and drive for success. The social interactions I have been lucky enough to have over the past 15 years have molded me into the young woman I now am, something I would not have gained from self-teaching. While education is a very valuable gift we are giving to these children, we are also allowing them a chance to socialize with kids of their own age. This in turn helps them to share values with each other, bounce off ideas for change, obtain leadership skills and just be a kid.

I couldn’t help but think back to my first day of school. I was so excited! I was a little scared, but eager to learn. Armed with my matching Pocahontas backpack and lunchbox, I headed to school. Here, I learned many educational fundamentals, such as my ABC’s, counting and how to read, but more importantly I learned how to share, how to speak up for what I felt was right and how to interact with other people. The amount of personal growth I have undergone throughout elementary school, Jr. High, high school and now college have led me into the roles I now take today. As a result of this growth, I am willing and able to provide these opportunities to other children.

Children in Afghanistan are the future of their country. Without providing them an education, they aren’t able to change their country for the better and encourage them to let go of their previous ways.  The donations we receive to help fuel their education go a very long way in their lives, providing opportunities we Americans are lucky enough to receive regardless of our financial situations. The knowledge that these children obtain through all of our donors’ generous efforts comes in all forms. By attending schools, they obtain not only intellectual knowledge, but social knowledge as well. Through their interactions in the classroom, they learn how to become better versions of themselves and how to master the skills they need in order to be successful. The interactions they have with each other will ultimately lead to a more peaceful world.

On Friday, Jordi, Zazu and I will have another opportunity to educate more members of the Tampa community about our cause. We will be speaking with the New Tampa Rotary Club bright and early to start their day off with a way to help out. We are very thankful for this cause, and will be sure to let them know what impact they can have on a child’s life. Before you finish reading this, close your eyes and think back to your favorite memory of your educational career. Whether it was during recess in kindergarten, or as you walked the stage for your high school graduation, each of us has been positively impacted by our education. I hope these memories inspire you to help someone else have these memories. If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to our shipping fund, please click here.

About Kati Fratesi

My name is Kati Fratesi and I am a senior at the University of South Florida, majoring in Psychology and focusing on leadership studies. I am an active member of many campus organizations, including Delta Gamma Fraternity, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement Leadfellows and the National Society for Leadership and Success.
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