We are priveleged

The best pizza

The end of the semester is nearing and we are almost to our goal. We have gone above and beyond our original 120 box goal of school supplies. Now it is a race to raise enough money to ship the boxes. We collectively raised more than one thousand dollars thus far. A few of us have independently reached (and in Justin’s case: shattered) our goal of one hundred and twenty nine dollars raised for shipping. I am happy to say that I am one of these few. Although I have only collected five boxes worth of school supplies, I have at least raised the money. But, the question remains: How will we raise the remaining funds?

One step we took towards this was to have our Bull Market event. This is the event in which we sold pizza slices for one dollar or traded them in exchange for school supplies. Chase’s contact in Papa John’s Pizza came through for us. We were provided with two deliveries of ten boxes of cheese and pepperoni pizza. I have to mention also, that this was some VERY good pizza. This opinion of mine was confirmed by one of the passerby’s who bought a slice of pizza, ate it, and came back again for another, saying, “Okay, you sold me on the pizza”. This event was a great success! We ended up selling seventeen of the twenty boxes! I could not be happier with the turn out. On top of this, we received two and a half boxes worth of school supplies. Two of these boxes are in my room this very moment.

The Bull Market event also created another success. A man who had previously contacted Zazu after reading her blog came up to us and gave us his contact information so that we could get in touch with him. He informed us of his connection to some local business leaders and relayed to us their interest in providing support for our effort to ship these boxes of school supplies to Afghanistan. He said that he thinks they will be willing to make up the difference in the shipping money that we have not yet raised.

I am extremely excited by these prospects. I feel privileged to have been part of this unique class and shared experience. I can’t wait to see the end result of our efforts and congratulate each and every person who contributed to this. Let’s hope for more good things to come.

About Julio Novo

I am currently a Junior in the Honors College studying finance at the University of South Florida. I also hold a seat on the board of directors in the International Business Board in the university. My business interests are in investments and financial analysis and I am currently working to obtain a summer internship in one of these fields. However, my life isn't all about business. I am a very active tennis player and my interests range from programming to creating music. My ultimate goal is to have a significant impact on the world. A good one, of course. But for now, I'm taking things one step at a time, one managerial accounting test at a time.
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