There are times when you feel like you have no motivation to do anything anymore and that the work that you are doing is not benefiting anyone. Times such as these make you want to give up on the tasks that you are already doing, thus sending you into a black hole of laziness. That is until a force re-ignites that fire inside of you, releasing you from the clutches of apathy. This spark has been lighted within me once again.

Thank you Prof. Liisa Temple and Rex Temple for Attending! (Photo Curtesy of: Liisa Temple)

As I sat in my bed wondering what topic this blog should be on, I was caught in somewhat of a conundrum because there is so much to talk about right now. My experiences over these past few days have helped to inspire me in choosing this topic. Last week, I felt completely burnt out from school and other activities. I did not want to study, let alone do any other work. However, today all of the languidness disappeared due to a special occasion. Every year USF honors 20 students (undergraduate and graduate) with an award called the Golden Bull for their dedication and service to the community. I was very lucky to be selected as one of those winners.

Winning the Golden Bull caused me think about a my future goals and aspirations. It re-ignited a flame of passion in myself to continue participating in the activities I was already a part of. I realized they were actually making a difference and helping people. It also allowed me to appreciate others who are working just as hard if not harder than myself to benefit the community. It gave rise to the new attitude and motivation I desperately needed to continue to achieve my goals. Upon receiving this award, I also began thinking about the fact that although it is a privilege to have been bestowed with such an honor,  that there is still so much more that needs to be accomplished. This is just a small milestone in what I hope to be a mountain of achievements.

The Golden Bull Award (Image Curtesy of: Liisa Temple)

Speaking of mountains, I am reminded of a famous mountain climber, Greg Mortenson, whose books we use in our class. He has been under fire because of a CBS 60 minutes story about him and his charity. We watched the piece in class this past Monday and it was interesting to see what they had discovered. A lot of what had been said is shocking and scary, but I believe there is more than one side to this story. So I’m sure there is more to it that is being kept under wraps. His books, although as as exaggerated as they might be, do give a sense of meaning to people working towards bettering the lives of the people of Afghanistan here in the U.S but does the benefit outweigh the cost? Is there a cost at all? You be the judge!

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