A Missed Opportunity

The MacDill Airforce Base (Image Courtesy of TBO)

This week was a huge disappointment on my part for this project. Our class visited the MacDill Airforce base in Tampa and were able to explore it hand! They got to try on bomb squad suits, test flight simulators, check out the hanger engines, as well as many other awesome activities. This served as a wonderful reward for the hard work everyone put in throughout the semester! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to studying for exams and attending review sessions. Oh how I wish I did not have exams this one week in the semester!

After reading the blog entries of my fellow classmates, it is easy to see that they all had encounters that impacted them greatly! They were able to interact with some interesting people and developed a new appreciation for those serving their nation. I truly wish that I could have been part of that experience! I am saddened that I was unable to do so, but I guess that is the reality of balancing school with the other activities in your life. I hope one day I can get a chance to visit the base myself and share stories about my experience as well!

Another exciting incident occurred this past week for Smsgt. Rex Temple, the man who made this dream project a reality. He had his retirement ceremony! I can only imagine the joy his family’s hearts have been filled with, especially our professor Liisa Temple, and the admiration they hold for him. Smsgt. Rex Temple started an inspirational movement with this project and it seems to be continually growing. However, this is not his only accomplishment. His hard work and dedication to this country serve as a great motivation to us all and I speak on behalf of everyone when I say: Thank you Mr. Rex Temple for your service to this country.

A Picture of our Smsgt Rex Temple and his wife (our teacher!) (Image Courtesy of: Liisa Temple)


This project has taught me not just about charity work but about life in general as well. I have met some amazing people throughout this process and its sad to see this class come to a completion as we near the end of the semester. I remember like it was just yesterday, thinking about what classes to take for the semester and ended up choosing Major Works Major Issues as it fit my schedule. Never did I think that I would learn so much from this class. It’s amazing to see how close we are to finishing this project with the only thing holding us back being the shipping cost! So close…yet so far away!

Thank you to all who support this project!! (Image Courtesy of theoneslovefoundation)

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