End of the Beginning

Sgt Kit Lowe helps with shipping of some of the school supplies at MacDill AFB. This cart is just one of many the USF Honors students filled this spring. Photo courtesy Liisa Temple.

I’m still shocked we surpassed our goal by about seventy boxes of school supplies with more still to come. If someone had told me would get past 120 boxes back in January I would have thought, “Yeah, o.k, like maybe 135 boxes…”, but our class really showed that when twelve young adults get together and put their minds to it, big things happen. I may not continue the blogging adventures that fellow classmates have been inspired to do, and my twitter account will possibly be deleted sometime in May but its the change in my perspectives and heart that I’m taking away from this.

I’ve loved getting to know some great students in the USF Honors College who are all going to continue to leave their mark on the world. One of the things that appealed to me about the class at first was that I thought it would be an individual, from home, on the internet project. When I realized how hands on it was and that we’d be interacting with each other, I was a little scared because things can go wrong when you have a small group of students working together. Everything went great though and I made some great friends along the way all from diverse backgrounds with unique interests and personalities. I’ve grown a lot by being pushed to do things I felt uncomfortable with. Speaking to students at USF and UF about the project along with working with a church to do a drive has helped me grow as a person. The lessons I’ve learned are those you get from hands on experience and not shoving facts from textbooks into your head.

A picture of all of us with the Dean and Assistant Dean of the Honors Collge. This was taken the very first day of class before we even knew each other's names. Photo courtesy Liisa Temple.

This class has given me the confidence necessary to reach out to groups and spread the word about a great cause. I never thought I could have personally accomplished all that I have this semester. I’ve learned not to assume everyone will turn you down when you ask for donation. Assuming you’ll always get a “no” may be safe but its not the most productive way to go. I’ve volunteered plenty in my life but its always been environment or animal oriented and to have directly affected the lives of many deserving Afghanistan children is a great feeling and worth all the hard work.

Visiting MacDill Air Force base April 10, 2011. Photo courtesy of Maxine Temple.

I loved the trip to MacDill Air Force Base; it should be a requirement for all future classes. For people like me who have little comprehension of the different aspects of the military it was truly eye opening. Popular culture and media give off the impression that the military is all about war, fighting the enemy, and winning the battle, but there are so many layers to the military and you feel a strong sense of humanity, commitment, and unity meeting the Airmen of MacDill. The future students of Professor Liisa Temple’s Major Works and Issues class have a lot to live up to. We’ve collected a staggering amount of supplies and shipping funds. I feel rather special to be a part of the first “guinea pig” group of the “Pencil for Peace” class and I’m proud that we did so well. This semester may have ended but our class ignited the beginning of what I’m sure will be an ongoing effort in the USF Honors College.

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