45 Boxes of School Supplies!

Walking into class last Monday, I was shocked see all the school supplies we collected over the past few months. During the last class, we packed 45 boxes of donated schools supplies for the Afghan children, with much more school supplies waiting to be packed in our storage room. It was extremely exciting to see all our hard work right there before our eyes, to know through our efforts, we were able to collect that many boxes of supplies.  This to me, proved to be a moment of success!

Our class packing the 45 boxes of school supplies!! (Photo Courtesy Avagay W.)

Now, in our storage room, we still have a tone of school supplies that needs to be packed and shipped to the Afghan children. For the past few weeks, we have dedicated the majority of class time packing school supplies, making sure to double check every single detail, such as to properly tape and label each and every box. If you remember from the beginning of the semester, we learnt that it is extremely important to make sure to properly seal and label each box, in order to avoid insects from entering and to avoid the stress of having any school supplies return due to an incorrect address label. So, for the next class meeting, we will be packing those remaining school supplies and to hopefully have a shipment as big as last week’s.

It really hasn’t hit me yet that this coming Monday will be our last official class meeting. Beginning this journey over four months ago and seeing where we are today, certainly proves that a small group of just ten honors students through team work, resilience, and determination, we can accomplish so much more than any of us ever imagined. Moreover, our instructor Liisa Temple has made sure to be there whenever we needed her, every step of the way. Having gone through this journey before with her previous class, she could certainly relate to how we felt in aiming to achieve our goals. Throughout the semester our instructor would constantly encourage us and would always say, I hope you guys realize that you are doing a great job!! Prof. Temple has certainly been the brains of this entire project.

45 boxes of school supplies, I was surprised they even fit into Prof. Temple's van! (Photo courtesy Avagay W)

On another front, we had Jessica Edmondson a writer from the USF Oracle, came and interviewed myself and a few of my classmates during class on Monday. Jessica was curious to know from all of us what has been the biggest impact by going through this experience. I told Jessica, by taking this honors course it allowed me to raise funds and collect school supplies for a cause, but most importantly as a class we were able to bring awareness about certain issues to the forefront, like that many Afghan children cannot afford something as simple as a pencil to attend school. Moreover, with the US military involvement in Afghanistan for so many years now, yet the average American is still unaware that many people in Afghanistan are uneducated. So, by taking Social Media, Social Change, we were able to highlight these issues to our local community and in certain instances even beyond that, and this to me has been the biggest impact taking this class—BRINGING AWARENESS!! 

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