The Excitement of Mail

“We just got a letter! We just got a letter! We just got a letter! Wonder who it’s from?”

Blue's Clues made mail time exciting (along with making my six year old self think I was an amateur detective). (Photo from:

When I was in kindergarten, I loved Blue’s Clues. It was a brand new show at the time, and it made me feel like a detective. Each morning I would sit down and try to figure out what Blue, the dog on the show, was trying to tell her owner through clues. One of the portions of the show was about mail-time. There was a cute little song that went along with it, because getting mail is exciting!

In the age of email, physical letters are few and far between. I am definitely a culprit as much as the next person. Just look to last week, I dedicated an entire blog as a virtual thank-you note. While the sentiment of a blog dedication is nice, I know I’d much prefer something I can hold; something physical where I know someone took the time to write out their words and either send it to me via snail mail or hand it to me in person. With that thought in mind, I moved to the next portion of my project: Thank-You Notes.

The cute thank you cards I will be sending out (Photo by: Shelby Register 2012).

With the semester wrapping up, we had an independent workday for class. While others got together in groups to pack up more boxes, I don’t have enough supplies left for another box. So far this semester I’ve collected 11 total boxes, and while I think another box or two of supplies is coming in, I didn’t think packing would be productive for me today. So, in my class time, I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up thank you notes, and then back to my apartment to fill them out. As I sat there writing out these thank you cards, I remembered how thankful I was for my education: I have an incredible opportunity to get an education, and through everyone that I was writing thank you notes to, others would have that opportunity as well. I look forward to handing out and sending my thank you notes in the next few weeks. Thank you all for your help.

About Shelby R.

Shelby Register is in her third year at the University of South Florida. She is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemistry and is participating in the Honors College program. After her graduation, she hopes to go to medical school. In her free time, Shelby likes to volunteer, travel, watch the Food Network, and try out new recipes in the kitchen.
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