OPSEC Rules:

  1. These rules cover this blog as well as your course related Facebook and Twitter activities.
  2. Do not post exact deployment dates or redeployment dates
  3. Do not reveal camp locations, including nearby cities.
  4. Do not discuss convoy routes (“the volunteers traveled through Village Y on their way to school X”)
  5. Do not release detailed information about missions, capabilities or morale of a unit
  6. Specific names or actual nicknames
  7. Details concerning security procedures, response times, tactics
  8. Don’t discuss equipment or lack thereof, to include training equipment
  9. Don’t speculate about future operations
  10. If posting pictures, don’t post anything that could be misconstrued or used for propaganda purposes. A good rule of thumb is to look at your picture without your caption or explanation and consider if it could be re-captioned to reflect poorly on whatever you are trying to portray.
  11. Be very careful if posting pictures of a specific person. Avoid images that show significant landmarks near their base of operations.
  12. Do not, ever, post information about casualties (coalition or enemy) before the official release of the information.
  13. Do not pass on rumors (“I heard they’re coming home early”, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Temple who is the administrator of this blog.

These OPSEC rules aren’t meant to limit your free speech or restrict your liberties – that’s exactly what our Men and Women in uniform fight to protect. However, they are designed to help ensure the safety and security of the Service Members who have volunteered to be part of this project.

Remember, no matter your affiliation, status, rank or age – you have a part in the security of the men and women who serve in Afghanistan and deliver these donated school supplies!

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