Packing Boxes Full of School Supplies and Emotions

The boxes that I received in the mail last week to fill will school supplies sit in my room next to a pile of supplies I have been donating this semester. I have learned how to fill the boxes in the most effective way, filled out the custom forms for them, and have the supplies to pack the items away, but for the longest time could not bring myself to actually start packing the boxes.

Different emotions run through my head every time my eyes glance over and make contact with the bags filled with notebooks, paper, and pens.

A sampling of my emotions. Photo Credit:

Anxiety- What if I have not collected enough to fill a box? Now while I know this is highly unlikely, I have heard my classmates refer to our large priority rate boxes as bottomless. It seems like the boxes should fit a few notebooks and reams of paper, but with tight packing we manage to fit as many supplies as we can into the flat rate boxes. What if that bottomless feeling occurs while I am packing my boxes.

Excitement- I have quite a few bags that I have received from different sources. I am so excited to actually pack my first box and continue on the path that will bring the supplies one step closer to being placed in the Afghan children’s hands.

Avoidance- As silly as it sounds, with the assignment to finish our collections and pack our supplies comes the finality of this course. I feel by waiting to pack the boxes it will draw out the end of the semester. Prolong the ending of this class that I have had a lot of fun in and learned a lot as well. It will let me savor my last few weeks as an undergraduate just a little but longer.

Hope- One night I sat in my chair close to my stock pile of supplies and picked up a pencil. As I held the pencil in my hand I thought “in short time this little pen will be halfway across the world. This little pen that I could so easily replace if I lost or broke it, will be treasured and protected in the hands of an Afghan child.” There is hope that it will bring about even the slightest change in a child’s education and ultimately a country’s future.

Whatever emotion I find myself feeling at any moment, there is always a sense of pride. I am proud to have been able to work on this project. Proud to be able to contribute. Proud to support education around the world. Proud to be an American.

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