Finishing The Semester

Last Class Meeting

Last Class Meeting - we packed another 45 boxes and shipped them to Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of Liisa Temple

It’s hard to believe the class is almost over.  This semester really seemed to fly by, despite what a hard semester it was!  My classes were tough, my grades are not perfect, and work is work as usual.  But despite that, this is one of the best semesters I have ever had.  The work that I have put into this class and the experiences I have had through it were truly the highlight of my semester.  This was easily the best class I have ever taken at USF.  And not just because I had a good teacher or because I learned a lot.  Though both of those things are true, I had an amazing teacher (two teachers, really) and I learned so much more than I had anticipated, but the experiences I had with this class were so much more than I could have imagined.  I originally took this class because I wanted to take a class for Major Works/Major Issues that I could really make a difference in.  And despite that, I still had no idea how much this class would exceed my expectations.  Greg Moretnson’s books and Rex’s blogs really inspired me and put things in perspective in terms of the contrast between my world here, and the way things are in Afghanistan.  Liisa and Rex Temple put so much work into this charity, that I still want to do more!  And I wish there was more I could do.  That is one of the reasons I wanted to start a student organization on campus, so that we would always have a way to be able to help out, and Professor Temple would also have a group she could call on for help.

All of the experiences I have had outside the classroom for this course have been incredible as well!  Getting to see what a real radio news station is like, getting be on TV twice(!), getting to talk and interact with SMSgt Rex Temple, and getting to take a tour of MacDill Air Force base.  The tour of MacDill was one of the biggest experiences of the semester for me.  Meeting everyone there, how nice everyone was to us, getting to see the people who help mail all our school supplies, and more than anything else, seeing how appreciative they are of our efforts.

And I’ve learned a lot from this class, even a few things about myself.  This class really helps you get out of your shell and do something that really matters.  I guess what I really want to say more than anything is thank you.  Not just to everyone who donated and helped out, but especially to SMSgt. and Prof. Temple, and Dean Silverman.  This class is amazing, and I hope more than anything that this class is continued for as long as possible and that the charity continues to be so successful.

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