A Little Sacrifice, a lot of Generosity

As has been reported, this past Wednesday, we were out at USF’s Bull Market, trading Pizzas for donations. All in all, it was very much a success. Papa John’s donated twenty pizzas, so all the money that we collected can go towards shipping the supplies we collected. And it was money that we ended up collecting much more than school supplies. But given the number of boxes we have waiting to be shipped, money to pay for shipping is what we really need right now. Apart from the school supplies, we collected a little more than a hundred and eighty dollars, which is about enough to pay for shipping 14 of the boxes that we have. It helps, but given that we have over 140 boxes already packed, we’re still in need of quite a bit of shipping money to get the school supplies overseas.

Apart from the kind of material success of our day at the USF Bull Market, I actually just enjoyed the experience as an experience. Maybe not sitting out in the sun for four hours, but the other things. Along with ourselves, there was a whole series of vendors, student organizations, and student apartment reps out there selling, collecting, giving away, and spreading info for various reasons. I think by the end of it I had eaten three free cookies and a rice crispy, had two capri-suns and some shaved ice, and signed two petitions (one for a rock climbing wall in the gym and one to get USF’s president to ride the campus busses). Of course, along with the free food there were plenty of free pens and pencils being given out, and it wasn’t hard to convince people to give away a handful to a worthy cause. The other thing that really mad the experience enjoyable was all the people that came by our table. I think there might have been one guy that wasn’t so nice, but there were a lot of people that came by and genuinely wanted to help. There were plenty that

Sunburned arm from Wednesday. Compare it to that white shirtsleve.

were just after a one dollar slice of pizza, but there were just as many that gave more than we were asking for, or even turned down the pizza because they really just wanted to help.

We were out at the Bull Market from 10 am to 2pm—four hours, I think that myself and Kryssa were the only ones that were there for the entire four hours. Everyone else came and went so that we had about four or more people there for most of the time.  Now, I haven’t talked to Kryssa since Wednesday, so I don’t know if she’s in better shape, but I ended up with a pretty rough sunburn.  I probably should have foreseen this, but after the weather of the last couple days and the early morning, I wasn’t expecting such beautiful weather. Neither was I expecting to be out there the whole time, but I ended up being able to and figured that it would be worth it. And it was. Even with the sunburn that I’ll probably be feeling for the next week or so. I mean, what’s a little sunburn when kids in Afghanistan are missing out on the kind of education that’s been handed to me on a silver platter?

Speaking of the students in Afghanistan, I’m still trying to collect more supplies and shipping money. Tomorrow from seven to ten o’clock in the evening I’ll be over at Kaleisia Tea Lounge collecting supplies and donations. Along with me, there’ll be some live music for those who come by to enjoy—student bands from USF playing acoustic sets. And of course Kaleisia is just a great place to go just for the friendly comfortable atmosphere, let alone the delicious tea. For those in Tampa, come to Kaleisia Friday night from 7-10pm. It’s over on 1441 E. Fletcher Ave. I hope to see you there.

The flier for our event at Kaleisia on Friday. Come by and bring a donation.

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