With the Blink of an Eye

And with the blink of an eye, it all came to an end. That is the only way I can describe this semester. Time always flies by fast, but this semester it was just unbelievable. I

"Remove can't from your dictionary" (Image Courtesy of artprintimages)

feel like it was just yesterday that I started this spring semester and would never have guessed how amazing this semester would be and how much I would grow from it. It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first blog for this class wondering how would I be able to write something every single week for the semester when I barely do any blogging at all. It’s amazing how much you can do when you bypass the “I cant” mentality.

Our last class consisted of us packing our collected school supplies and a part of me was kind of humbled at the sight. There was so much stuff that I personally could not have even guessed at the immense amount of support people have given us and the media attention surrounding this class. It just unbelievable how you can get a small group of people to use their skills and networks to accomplish something as great as this. I have been a part of a couple of organizations to help those in need but this project became something completely different. As a new-found friend of mine Jordi said, this is something tangible that we can kind of imagine a child in Afghanistan looking at the pen or pencil we put in that book and the smile on their face as they get a sense of eagerness for the education we take so much for granted.

"The last day of class" (Image courtesy of Liisa Temple)

The second half of class consisted of a talk by Smsgt. Rex Temple and about his journey to retirement and his plans for the future. It brought back memories from the first day of class when he came to talk to us about the project and explain to us how it all started. He admitted he was skeptical on this whole idea of students working on this to just get a grade, but he eventually say the passion grow within us and we are grateful for the work him, and our professor Liisa Temple have done. They deserve the break they will be getting this summer!

Throughout this semester we have collected around 190 boxes of school supplies  and $4400 in shipping money! It’s through the support of many of our generous donors and supporters such as those of you reading this blog that we are able to get this far with this project.  We are happy to announce that all though this class is over, it doesn’t end here. This will soon become a student organization and hopefully continue to grow in the future. I can honestly say that this class has made this semester one of the best semesters of my college career.

"The boxes we packed the last day" (Image courtesy of: Liisa Temple)

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