A Day In the Life of a Cart

Monday, the lights flicked on in my room. I heard the footsteps drawing closer to me. Then I felt the touch of a person (whose hands were extra soft, so it probably was a woman…). This person grabbed me with an intensity that I could feel through her fingertips. She was on a mission and I was the vessel to help her transport.

This is me! I am so spiffy that I even get my photo taken! (Photo by Jenna Cummings)

Rolling, rolling, and rolling away…. I found myself going through what I felt like was a maze to my destination. Down the hallway, turn, down the hallway, turn, through the double doors, down the elevator, along a long sidewalk, another elevator, and then we were in the basement of some garage. Although the journey was a bit longer than I am used to, I could feel it was an important journey. Finally, we arrived at the destination: a blue Toyota Corolla.

The woman opened the trunk, the car side door, and the car front door. Finally, I was aware of my mission. I was transporting school supplies and mailing boxes. Suddenly, I had many questions: Who were these school supplies going to go to? Where were these boxes going to? Before I could get answers, I was being wheeled back towards where I came from.

I could tell the load I was carrying was a worthy one (and not to brag, but I have to say I am pretty strong for being able to carry this all in one trip). (Photo by Phoebe Chang)

Just as I was about to head back into my room, I was pulled into a new room. All around me there were more mailing boxes (filled with more school supplies I assumed). There had to be at least thirty mailing boxes in total. There also was a poster lying on the table in the middle of the room, and this poster helped me to answer my questions from earlier. These school supplies were going to underprivileged children. These underprivileged children live in Afghanistan, so the boxes were going there. Right then, I felt even more accomplished!

Later, it was back to my room, lights off. Back to the dust growing on me, but with your help I might be able to be utilized again. Donate supplies today to School Supplies for  Afghan Children! Click here and make me feel like a useful cart!!!

— Cart          Cart is an object at the University of South Florida.

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