Lifeskill Award Ceremony: presented by Jenna Cummings

Have you ever received a really nice thank-you card? The kind that makes you love that you donated or gave someone a gift even more? Well, I would like to attempt to thank everyone who has helped me this semester with our School Supplies for Afghanistan cause. Besides just writing thank-yous, I wanted to do a little something else. When I was in elementary school, every year we had an award ceremony and we were awarded ‘Lifeskill’ awards. Well, I would like to conduct a virtual awards ceremony:

Ruschelle Leone, recipient of the Lifeskill productiveness! (Photo from Ruschelle Leone)

First, I would like to thank Ruschelle Leone and award her with the Lifeskill of productiveness. I feel like whenever I present Ruschelle with a problem, she not only solves it, but she comes up with more than one fabulous answer. In this case, when I told Ruschelle about my School Supplies cause, she donated items to me that helped fill over 10 boxes. How much more productive can you get than that?

Speaking of productivity, I would like to next thank Karen Bettin and award her with the Lifeskill of unconditional generousness. Rarely do you meet a complete stranger, and this complete stranger strongly changes the course of your future (with no thoughts of how they benefit from this generosity). Karen not only changed the course of my classmate Phoebe and I’s future working on this cause, but with her donations (which helped to fill MANY boxes), she has changed the future of many children in Afghanistan.

Kimberly Phillips and Tyler Cox, recipients of the Lifeskill awesomeness! (Photo by Jenna Cummings)

Now, I would like to collectively thank Chelsea Russell and the USF chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi, Alexia Barnes, Tyler Cox, Kimberly Phillips, and Aaron Stewart. Furthermore, I would like to award all these individuals with the Lifeskill of awesomeness. Some of these individuals invited me to present my cause at an event, others donated crayons, some even donated monetary funds (which later were allocated to a different cause of my course). Regardless, all of these individuals should know just how awesome they are for selflessly giving to the cause, whether it a big or small donation.

Finally, I would like to give a huge thank-you to my fellow classmate Phoebe Chang and award her with the Lifeskill of flexibility. Around spring break, my car broke and ever since I have been taking the Hartline bus. Since it is not exactly easy to lug school supplies around on the public bus, Phoebe has been offering me rides and transport for supplies. Not only that, she has worked with me on every event I have done for this class and I have really appreciated the peer support.

Want a Lifeskill award? It is never too late to donate – just click here to get started!!!

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