Long Awaited Endings and New Beginnings

Some of the boxes packed on April 16th during class. Photo by Alejandro Cuesta.

On this last week we came to class excited about the progress we’ve made in our collections. Paper and pens flew through the air as we rushed to finish the mountains of supplies we gathered into such a vast field of boxes. It was a sight to see; but we were all so caught up in the moment, we forgot to capture it on film. By the time we realized how much we’d done it was time to load up the boxes for transport. Last week we’d filled up Mrs. Temples trunk with our boxes; this week, we almost had to strap the spares on the roof.

At our last class meet we packed 68 boxes! That’s 1.5 times (rounded to the nearest whole box) our sum of 45 from last week; giving us 113 boxes as of Monday. That alone was beyond our initial goal, but there were still boxes of supplies we couldn’t pack in the 2 hour class time.

The boxes lined up at the Post Office. Photo Credit: Liisa Hyvarinen Temple

With the semester ending, it’s a good time to look back and think about all that as happened; doubly so for me as I end not only this semester, but my undergraduate career this week as well. It’s a little unnerving now that everything’s done and there are still so many questions. What now. Where will I go. The only solace I can count on is that life goes on. I’ve been blessed with so much that I even have the chance to feel this uncertainty; and perhaps one day the children of Afghanistan too will experience it first hand.

So for the last time, follow this link for a list of items collected for school supply donations or if you have supplies for donation. Thank you for your support, take care, and goodbye.

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