Ready to launch

This weekend I was hanging out with a three year old whose new favorite thing is rockets. My memory of growing up and hearing about space shuttles or any space missions has to do with the set launch date and then hearing about some issue that has happened with weather or with the instrument. Today was just one of those days: a slow and problematic start but had a strong ending. I had returned home late last night with a few supplies in hand from family I saw over the weekend and then had planned to meet up with Jenna to have a packing party. I went to pick up some tape at the Post Office but due to some new policies ended up just taping the bottom of the boxes up at the post office lobby.

30 boxes and one roll of tape later.. These boxes are ready to be filled to the max! Photo Credit: Phoebe Chang 2012

On the positive, I ended up forming this fortress of boxes around me but was able to share with a few people who wondered what I was going to do with these boxes. However, this mound of folded boxes did make it quite a task to bring them on to campus and continue filling them with the items we received from Ms. Karen. As we were going through the things today I was again taken aback by how much we have collected so far.

These are the boxes that have been filled at the moment with supplies from Ms. Karen. Photo Credit: Hannah Wang 2012

Behind me are the boxes are the open boxes we have at the moment which are still waiting to house some supplies Photo Credit: Hannah Wang 2012

Last time I blogged I said that I would tell you how much fit in one box. Well, I realized it was a difficult task so here's a picture of a filled box. Photo Credit: Phoebe Chang 2012

Packing tip: loose items pack better than in the box. Photo Credit: Phoebe Chang 2012

So much has been collected in such little time and there are still collections that still have not yet been brought back. I know that Jenna and I still have 1 box from the sorority that we spoke with which is waiting for us to go pick up while I have 3 boxes at home that I still need to bring. It is all a bit surreal though because even though we all knew that the time was wrapping up soon for some reason it still felt a while before we were going to ship the boxes out. Now that our first shipment is leaving for Greg Para on Wednesday it feels a bit odd. It’s like our babies that we have worked so hard to obtain, fill up, and develop are now ready for the next phase of their life. They are ready to cross the Atlantic and go to school. :] I don’t know if I’m ready to say good bye to them yet, but I know that the kids are more than ready to take them in.

About Phoebe

I'm a student at the University of South Florida majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I would like to be a Speech Language Pathologist in the future. In my spare time I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, spending time with my family and traveling. Oh, and a good book is always a plus!
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