Education is better than Silver or Gold!!!

As long as I can remember I have always had the desire to change the lives of others in some grandiose and memorable way. This semester I was lucky enough to be given exactly that opportunity as I am enrolled in a USF honors course titled “Social Media, Social Change.” This class is unlike any course I have ever taken before. My “Social Media, Social Change” class is a 100% hands on class where USF honors students use the power of social media to bring awareness and raise much needed funds for charity. Additionally, a paramount part of the course is for students to run a charity project which collects and ships school supplies to US troops for delivery to poor children in Afghanistan.

During our second meeting of the semester our instructor Mrs. Temple taught us how to properly make and seal shipment boxes. She informed us that each box had to be taped in a particular way in order to avoid bugs and sand getting inside the shipment. Mrs. Temple told us that each shipment can take anywhere between 3-6 months before the troops actually deliver the school supplies to the Afghan children. This is partly due to the critical steps that are needed to ensure the proper safety of our troops while delivering the supplies to the children, as the U.S. troops continue the war on terror in Afghanistan.

“School Supplies for Afghan Children” provides young Afghan children with the opportunity to receive an education and working on the project we are playing our part in advancing the education of the Afghan children. Students in this class have already made a great impact. Just two semesters ago previous students raised more $4,000 for the shipping fund and collected and shipped more than 2,000 pounds of donated school supplies overseas. Moreover, “School Supplies for Afghan Children” is making a difference on a small scale that has long term positive effects on the children that receive our collected supplies.

As I embark on my journey to make a difference in the lives of the Afghan children, I am extremely delighted to be a part of this remarkable humanitarian effort and with the support of readers like you; we can make all the difference needed to supply these children with tools necessary to make them bright leaders for the future. I was taught in school as a child to: “Labour for learning before you grow old, for learning is better than silver or gold, silver and gold will vanish away but a good education will never decay”, and this exactly what we hope to achieve for the Afghan children.

For more info on how you can help “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, please click on this link:

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