Coming to an end.

The end is nearing and it is crunch time. As summer soon approaches this final stretch seems to go on forever. We continue to collect school supplies, packing them with love and care. We have been successful, many of us collecting more than 10 boxes, and the box in the Honors College office is overflowing with supplies every time we walk in on Monday morning.

We walk in to an AC filled room and look at a projector on the wall. It almost seems unfair and unjust that this is our learning experience when some of the children of Afghanistan get no experience at all. It seems unfair that parents would rather throw out unused paper, pens, and books because they are too lazy or do not care enough to donate them. If our military is pushing humanitarian efforts, why is the country moving in the opposite direction? Shouldn’t everyone be in full support of the soldiers on the ground there? If everyone is in support of this war ending why haven’t they made an effort to move in the right direction? And if we are so consumed with how to fix the world why haven’t we begun with ourselves? We have yet to change our mind sets, to figure out the actions we need to take in order to make the world a better place.

Boxes we packed in class yesterday, many more to come next week! (photo by Archana Reddy)

It is not enough to wish for a war to end; it is not enough to hope for it. We must act. If education is the key to saving lives then it is about time this country makes a move towards educating the children in Afghanistan. No matter where you are in this country, no matter your race, creed or economic status, this war touches your life. This war touches all parts of this country. If educating children is the key to saving lives, the key to ending a war, why haven’t we put a pencil in every single child’s hand? Just as this war has touched our entire country it had touched all of Afghanistan in the same way hope spreads, touching everything it sees. Hope ignites a fire in each of us, and grows; it can overcome anything. Each piece of paper we pack, each pencil or marker, is a piece of hope that we send to the children who have seen more than any child should.

So please, send your hope too.

About anar242

Hi! My name is Archana but I go by Ana. I am a 20 year old senior at USF and I am studying Biology. I aspire to be a physician and in the future I would love to work for Doctors Without Borders. In my free time I enjoy swimming, tennis, drawing, surfing, and hanging out with friends. I am excited to embark on this new journey through my major works major issues class with Liisa Temple as our professor.
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