The Jar of Marbles

You know that game where you try to guess how many marbles, or gumballs, or small round objects are in a glass jar? You almost always end up underestimating. It seems when the items are counted off, they keep multiplying. That’s how I felt this past week. In regards to my school supplies fundraising. But this time, instead of being disappointed that the marbles kept counting up, making me that further away from winning the prize, I was ecstatic that the school supplies I had received just never seemed to end.

This past Friday I received a text from my friend to meet him at Wal-Mart. Kind of cryptic I know. But it turns out there was a rather nice surprise waiting for me when I arrived. He let me wander the aisles of Wally World and pick out anything I wanted, in the category of school supplies of course, for my fundraiser. He was willing to spend up to $50. I was floored. He and I had tons of fun browsing the aisles and picking out the most colorful notebooks or pens we could find. And let me tell you, $50 goes a long way.

This weekend I went home to celebrate Easter with my family. Monday morning, before I was to head home for class later that afternoon, as I was getting my last few things together my mom informed me that she wanted to take me to Target and let me spend $50 on school supplies for my fundraising. Again! Wow. And once again, $50 goes a long way.

All the supplies collected from the 42North drive (Photo Taken By: Lori Hussen)

When I arrived back to my apartment Monday afternoon I had the joy of packing up all the supplies I had. The drive through my apartment had also ended, so I collected the large plastic bucket full of supplies that I had received. It was much more than I expected. That bucket fooled me. I didn’t think there was that much in it, but it kept multiplying.

I filled one box. It barely looked like I made a dent in the supplies I had. Then another box was filled, then another. I had three boxes filled to the brim with supplies. I thought that would be the most I would get. But just like those marbles in the glass jar that full you, those school supplies were full of surprises, good surprises of course. Fix heavy boxes later the supplies were packed tightly away. I sat back looking at my work, no, at the generosity of other people. I simply asked them for help. They, out of the kindness of their hearts, gave to this wonderful cause. I couldn’t be happier. I felt so blessed to have gotten this far.

The total amount of supplies-five boxes worth! (Photo Taken By: Me)

That makes a total of six and a half boxes, and a $100 check towards school supplies for Afghan children! Woo hoo.

About Allison Chalifoux

Hey everyone. I am a student at the University of South Florida majoring in public relations and business. I am a triathlete so am always training and working out. (huge nutrition and exercise buff here). I love adventure, travel, and experiencing new and exciting things. I love to cook and bake. You can find me in the kitchen most of the time experimenting with new recipes. My dream is to eventually open my own bakery specializing in wedding cakes. My nickname is Little Sunshine, so the purpose of my blogs is to bring a smile to people's faces and inspire them in their day to day activities. I currently work as a lifeguard at Adventure Island in Tampa.
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