The Snowball Effect

This week, we have begun to plan out events to help raise school supplies.  Everyone is working hard and thinking of unique ideas to get donations. The classroom was very energetic.  This got me thinking of how much of a difference we are going to make.

Collecting a box of pencils or pens will make a difference for a handful of children.  If we fill up an entire shipping box with pencils or pens, it will make a difference for over hundreds of children.  If we plan to ship 110 boxes full of supplies and if about 30-40 boxes are filled with pencils and pens, we will have made a difference to over a couple thousand children’s lives.

A box packed with pencils and crayons. Photo by: Liisa Hyvarinen Temple 2011

These children will have gained the opportunity to learn and attend school.  Thousands of children will get the opportunity to shape their lives, the way they see fit.  They can follow their dreams and become what they wish to become in life and not what they have to become out of sheer necessity.

When these children grow up, they will know the importance of education and will give their children the same opportunity they had.  They will ensure that their children will obtain a good education and better their lives.  This cycle will continue and change countless lives in the process.  It will lead to a snowball effect.

Snow ball effect. Photo by Michael Cheek.

And all of this will start with donating something as simple as school supplies.  The school supplies project has already made a huge difference, since the last class shipped out over 200 boxes.  Shipping out more boxes of school supplies will make more of a difference.  Every pencil shipped will change these children’s lives.


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