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The Snowball Effect

This week, we have begun to plan out events to help raise school supplies.  Everyone is working hard and thinking of unique ideas to get donations. The classroom was very energetic.  This got me thinking of how much of a … Continue reading

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Motivation Crushes Obstacles

This week officially marks the start of our school supplies fundraising.  The goal is to fill 10 flat-rate shipping boxes per a person.  When I first heard our goal, it seemed like a huge number.  The thought of not being … Continue reading

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America Unconscious to Our Military Sacrifice

The United States involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq marks our nation’s longest military engagement in history. One would imagine after ten years of fighting the war on terror, America would be a more united nation. However, I have recently uncovered … Continue reading

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When I walked into class today, a very rewarding and encouraging sight welcomed me: carts full of boxes and school supplies waiting to be packed. There were probably around 20 boxes waiting to be sorted through, repacked, and taped up. … Continue reading

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