Getting There…

The journey is almost coming to an end and things are looking extremely promising!

As the semester is almost coming to an end, I have been especially busy trying to contact everyone that has been assisting me in collecting school supplies for the Afghan children. Just last night, I received a phone call from my friend Alex, who told me, he was able to collect two more boxes of school supplies for me. Now that is a total of five boxes of school supplies, I have received just from the help of Alex alone. Also, I recently spoke with Pastor Regester, whose church I partnered with for support and he told me that my school supply collection box is filling up rather quickly. At the start of the semester, I was a bit worried that I would not be able to ever full ten boxes of school supplies, but recently I feel as though, I am so much closer towards reaching my goal and perhaps to even surpass it as well.

The power of a pencil, the first step towards changing an entire society (Photo courtesy

These past few weeks of class, my classmates and I have been dedicating most of our time in planning fundraisers and carrying out our school supplies events. For the past two class meetings, we started packing all the school supplies that we have already collected that are going to be delivered, by US troops on humanitarian missions to the Afghan children. Furthermore, before taking this class, I had very little experience with fundraising or trying to rally support for a cause, but after going through this experience, I have learnt so much that will be beneficial to me in the future if I should ever decide on doing something like this again.

Now, for our upcoming class on Monday, we are given the opportunity to work independently, I plan on using this time to meet with everyone that have collected school supplies for me, collect all the supplies and begin packing my boxes. Hopefully, I will have collected enough supplies to reach my goal and fill those ten boxes with school supplies.

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