Inspired by a Child’s Enthusiasm

As the semester begins to wind down to a close the boxes of school supplies have started to pile in.  Its very exciting to see this and its beginning to make everything feel more “real”.  I’ve collected a total of 5 boxes so far and my classmates have also collected quite a bit of stuff.  Seeing it all coming together is very exciting.

I keep envisioning what it must feel like for the kids when these boxes arrive on the ground in Afghanistan.  Watching these American foreigners in uniforming unloading the white boxes and piling them up must be so strange and so exciting to them.  I wonder if they know what the boxes hold before they get them.  I can’t imagine how exciting it is to receive a gift like this from a stranger.

SMSgt. Rex Temple stands with a load of donated school supples: Photo Courtesy of Rex Temple

I think back to the day SMSgt. Rex Temple came to our class to explain what it was like getting to meet these Afghan children.  At one point he explained how excited and curiously they would talk among each other as the supplies were handed out.  He told us about how the children would crowd and gather with such enthusiasm in their eyes.  “Everyone likes free stuff” he said.  I guess children in Afghanistan aren’t much different from us at all.

As people I don’t think of the Afghan children any differently then the American children I interact with daily.  They’re eager, innocent, full of wonder, and they want to learn and explore.  What is different though is the opportunities that have been afforded to them.  Children living in remote villages in Afghanistan just do not have the resources we are so lucky to have here in America.  When they run out of paper they can’t go to Target and buy new stuff.  Retail stores don’t exist in small isolated villages and most of the families living there could not afford to shop there even if they did exist.

I’m excited to send off my boxes and the boxes from the rest of my class.  I hope to be able to make some hard working children very happy.  Being able to give a child a chance at an education is no small thing.  We are making it possible for the future leaders of Afghanistan to get the tools they’ll need to make smart decisions.  Its very exciting to be able to contribute.  I’m glad to know my donations will be able to make a child very happy.

Afghan children with newly received school supplies: Photo Courtesy of Rex Temple

If you are interested in making a contribution of your own here is a list of the supplies we collect.

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