The Excitement is Building

For the past few weeks, my fellow peers in my class have been bringing in boxes and boxes of supplies to send to Afghan children. It has been an exciting time. Different donations from different donors are rolling in and with each box we hear about our classmates’ events and experiences.

We can all see the end in sight. There is one more month left in the Spring Semester and we are knee deep in our efforts to collect supplies. Sometimes our events and efforts are extremely successful. Sometimes they fall through. But it is great to have this group to support each other so that we can all put our heads together if we need to come up with a plan B.  It is also great to have this group to congratulate each other.  I am so proud of the work my classmates are doing. Reaching out to local businesses or corporate offices.  The creativity that comes from this group is outstanding.

This week we filled out custom form after custom form so that we can send out boxes to Afghanistan. It reminded me of our first day in class. That day I filled out my first custom form carefully printing each letter in it’s separate box to ensure no mistakes could be made during the shipping process. This time the process was much more exciting.  I got to see exactly what was going into the boxes that these forms would be attached to.

My fellow students packing school supplies.

The most exciting part of this week’s class was watching the piles of donations come through the front door. We had so many supplies yesterday that we did not even have enough Postal boxes to pack them all. It was time to replenish our supply of boxes and tape so that we can get our supplies to the children that are in such need for them.

The boxes delivered right outside my front door.

When I came home that night I was greeted by an exciting sight. 10 Priority Rate “Support Our Troops” boxes were waiting on my doorstep. Problem solved. My boxes had arrived and now I would be able to start filling them with all of the supplies I have been so fortunate to collect these past few months.

I would also like to take this time to thank the University of South Florida’s College of Business for taking part in the drive. It is so exciting to have the College of Business on board for this cause. If you would like to donate supplies you can do so in one of their collection boxes.

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