The end is almost here

It is now April 2. Can you believe how fast time has passed? When we started this it was January and now in a few weeks our class is ending. I almost feel that this reflective type of post should be saved for the last entry but oh well. To be honest even though I felt that I was getting supplies from my friends and family, the boxes seemed to be unfillable. Do not be deceived by these 12″ x 12″ x 5 1/2″ boxes. There is so much that can be put in those boxes that when I saw my 2.5 filled boxes I was a little discouraged. On the one hand you wanted to fill as much in the boxes as possible, but on the other you are also disappointed when what you thought was a lot turns out to be only 2 boxes worth. Oh, the many thoughts that occur in one’s head. The positive news to all of this is that this is no longer an issue!

Today, Jenna and I went to meet Ms. Karen who had contacted us saying that she had boxes of things to donate. For some reason, I underestimated what “boxes” meant and I didn’t fully comprehend how much we got until I went home and saw that my backseat and trunk were completely full. Both Jenna and I are blown away by the generosity of Ms. Karen. Her answer to our call for supplies is above and beyond what we could possibly have imagined and our classmates were also in awe today when we brought in cart after cart of supplies. I think only a small group of people can really appreciate a whole box of just crayons or having two full boxes of copy paper with another box of binders to put the paper in. Our biggest thanks go out to Ms. Karen. :]

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So, with all of these supplies means that we need a ton of priority flat rate boxes and guess who put in an order for these boxes last week? Yes indeed I did. And who came home to a box of boxes? Again, me! Could there have been a more perfect timing? I’m so exciting to pack these things into the boxes perhaps because I know that we have a lot rather than before where it was a bit uncertain and the boxes seemed to have a hole that couldn’t be filled. Now I can approach it as a game, a puzzle where I’m going to see how much I can possibly put in rather than being worried about not filling up more boxes. Next week we are having a PACKING SESSION!! How exciting is that?! I’ll keep you informed of how much we can get to go into a box. Prepare to be amazed.

All joking aside, I am just so thrilled and humbled to be able to be a pit stop for these supplies on their long trek to the kids in Afghanistan. When doing the interview for, article can be found here, I was asked if I was proud of what our class has done. I answered that I was proud of what we have accomplished so far but feel that we will be even prouder in the end. That’s how I feel right now I feel that we’ve come so far. When you look in our storage room you see boxes and boxes of supplies- the ones ready for a label and a parting visit to the post office sitting alongside the ones that are still awaiting their final placement. Such happiness. On the other hand, there are still events that are being planned and final collections that are to be made. For all the worry that we had right now there is a sense that everything is coming full circle and I can’t wait for the view from the end that is right around the bend.

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I'm a student at the University of South Florida majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I would like to be a Speech Language Pathologist in the future. In my spare time I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, spending time with my family and traveling. Oh, and a good book is always a plus!
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