Knowledge is Power

No human being is capable of functioning efficiently within their society without education. Education tells us how to think, work, and make decisions. It is one of the most important aspects of life, like our basic needs food, shelter, and clothing. Moreover, education gives us knowledge about the world around us and it teaches us the right behavior and how to treat others. For theses reason, this is why it is so critical to secure an education for the Afghan children. By collecting school supplies for these boys and girls, we are giving them power, the power of knowledge to create a future for themselves.

I remember growing up, my elders would always encourage me to do my very best in school, they would always say to me, without having a proper education then I will not be able to make my dreams come true. Constantly hearing that as a child has significantly contributed to my educational success and getting this far within my college career. Even though many Afghan children may not have the support system I had as child, to have someone constantly encouraging them to strive for their best. I strongly believe by sending school supplies to the Afghan children, is the first step towards ensuring their survival in the world.

Donations we received from our Bull Market event last Wednesday that was dropped of at the honors college (Photo Courtesy Liisa Temple)

The Afghan children are so eager to learn, they have a strong desire to gain knowledge, as they know the power of education is the only way out of poverty. Being educated is their tool to rise above the oppressive state of their government and it gives them the outlet to seek a better life in the future. Therefore, my entire honors class in assisting in securing that future for them, by collecting these donated school supplies, we are playing our small role that will have huge and lasting impacts on each and every one of their lives.

Now more than ever, I want to see a drastic turn around for the underprivileged Afghan children that are living in some of the most dangerous and difficult circumstances, but despite all of this, they still see the need to empower themselves with knowledge. Now, as the semester is almost coming to a close and as each day passes, I am getting that much closer to reaching my goal of collecting 10 boxes of school supplies.

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