“Do you want to take this outside?”

After losing my car, I have been adjusting over the past few weeks. I have been taking the city bus as well as carpooling with some very giving friends and coworkers. Thursday morning, my friend Brooke drove me with her to class in the morning. When we arrived to class, I didn’t realize I would be making another adjustment. I would be having class outside.

Outside? Yes, my dance history class of around 30 people was sitting outside in the grass while our teacher led our reading discussion. Coincidently enough, for my USF Honors College class Social Media, Social Change we discussed some different ways to create some interest or buzz on our School Supplies for Children in Afghanistan fund. One of the methods brought up was challenging a professor or a class to hold lecture outside one day; this would provide students with firsthand insight on what learning in Afghanistan is like. Well, our class definitely got some firsthand experience.

This is where we had class Thursday. Except, only three of us got to sit on the bench.... (Photo from usflife.tumblr.com)

Once I had my taste at the outside experience, I had some different reactions. First, although it started breezy, it did get hot. At one point, I got sticky with sweat and some bugs started biting me. The sound of birds was nice, until the sound of a squirrel falling in a trash can was distracting. While it was peaceful and relaxing to be in a new sitting, eventually my back hurt so badly from sitting on the grass that I stood for the remainder of the class.

So, what did I learn from this experience? Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy class outside (even through all the quirks). However, what I realized the most was that the only reason I could enjoy class outside was because I knew it would be easy for me to go back inside. In fact, I would be going back inside after an hour or two. Unfortunately, this is not the case for children in Afghanistan. They are not afforded luxuries. When they are in class, they are outside in the beating sun, they are tolerating it, and they are writing their classroom notes in the sand.

Even an image from where my class sat outside at USF is incomparable to one showcasing where students in Afghanistan take class.... (Photo from rawa.org)

Want to help change that? Click here to get started.

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