When Our Donors are the Most Inspiring Part of this Project

Sometimes when it comes to fundraising the project itself inspires you to make the difference.  However, sometimes its the people who come to help you with your project that really are the ones that inspire you.

I wrote a post last week thanking my mother and my roommate’s mother who both worked so hard to collect supplies for me.  My roommate’s mother in particular collected a large amount of supplies.  This week I managed to pack about half of the supplies I’ve collected so far which turned out to be enough supplies to fill three boxes.  This week I will bring the rest of my supplies in which hopefully will fill an additional three boxes.  I was excited to see how much stuff I had collected in terms of the number of boxes filled.  However, the whole time I kept thinking about how impressive it was that others were willing to take the time and effort to make these donations for me.

School Supplies Arriving in Afghanistan: Photo Courtesy of Rex Temple

Its been about three weeks since I’ve received the donation from my roommate’s mother and I cannot stop thinking about how impressive her contribution was.  This woman has given so much to me throughout the time I have known her with no obligation to do so being that I am nothing more than a close friend of her daughter.  She was there to help us clean our apartment and move in, she was there to get us many of the stuff we needed for functional apartment living, and now she’s been there to contribute to the education of children in Afghanistan whom she will never meet.

What inspires me most is that despite conflicts going on in her own life she always seems to go above and beyond to help others.  My roommate’s mother who made all these donations has Parkinson’s Disease.  Parkinson’s is a degenerative neurological disorder that causes difficulty in making movements and carrying out fine and gross motor tasks.  Its most frequently characterized by shaking, rigidity, and slowless of movement.  Despite this physical obstacle, she has always been there for everyone she meets to help out with whatever their needs are.

I wanted to tell her story so that others would understand how much our work here at School Supplies has inspired others to act.  My roommate’s mother was in the hospital twice the week prior to when I collected her donations from her.  As scary as this was for her and her family she STILL came through for me.  I cannot explain how significantly this impacted me to see her commitment to this project.  To anyone who reads this please keep this incredible woman in your thoughts and take her story as an inspiration to continue to act to help improve the lives of others.  I am hoping that she feels better and can get back to doing everything she loves and continuing to make such a tremendous difference in the lives of everyone who knows her.

Girls with their newly received school supplies: Photo Courtesy of Rex Temple

To anyone who is inspired by this story and the work we’ve done here at School Supplies for Afghan Children, please consider making a donation of your own.  Here are the items we collect.

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