Hope at the end of the tunnel.

I felt nervous and disappointed walking into class on Monday. My plans for working with the Honors Council for my School Supplies for Afghan Children event had fallen through, and I had been brainstorming but wasn’t sure of my options. My partner had left the class, leaving me more anxious about the upcoming end of the year and the school supplies I was supposed to be collecting.

When class started I found out that Erin’s school supplies event had fallen through as well. We decided to partner up, and to my relief she had a plan on a new event already. We would be collecting school supplies at a study session during finals week in which food would be provided. My heart was lifted with this new found hope, not all had been lost! Erin and I would be working hard on getting information about the event out, using flyers and other sources that would assist in reaching a large amount of people with information about the event.

School Supplies collected from students in Juniper! Box full and still collecting more! (photo by Archana Reddy)

During class many other students brought in their school supplies. It lifted my spirits to see so many of us succeed despite all odds we faced. The Bull Market event last Wednesday had been a success even though it faced many difficulties. We sat in class and discussed things that did and did not work. Although faced with challenges, many of us were able to overcome them. Although incomparable in magnitude, the challenges we were overcoming were a representation of those the children in Afghanistan face. Our own struggle of spreading information about the cause, getting people to be involved, planning events, and collecting school supplies has an ultimate effect on them. If a group of students at an American university who have the power that comes with freedom of speech, who have access to the internet, access to politicians and other sources of media had difficulty spreading awareness and obtaining support I couldn’t imagine how helpless the children of Afghanistan have felt for so long, and how hard they have struggled.

Each person is an important piece of this intricate puzzle. I have been collecting school supplies in Juniper and have been very successful. I was surprised by the response I was getting, and couldn’t be more proud of the students at USF. A population made of people from different backgrounds, coming from many different countries, and with varying amounts of knowledge on the war in Afghanistan were able to work together to collect as many school supplies as they could conjure. Because no matter where you are in the world, no matter your skin color or creed, education can always set you free.

About anar242

Hi! My name is Archana but I go by Ana. I am a 20 year old senior at USF and I am studying Biology. I aspire to be a physician and in the future I would love to work for Doctors Without Borders. In my free time I enjoy swimming, tennis, drawing, surfing, and hanging out with friends. I am excited to embark on this new journey through my major works major issues class with Liisa Temple as our professor.
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