It’s not always a Piece of Cake

Through my sorority experience I have been fortunate to plan many events and learn the ins and outs of a successful fundraising or philanthropic event. So when a guest speaker came to speak to our class in the beginning of this semester and gave us some tips, I have to admit I listened confidently knowing I had the skills to conquer the task at hand. “Piece of cake,” I thought. But as it turns out, the “piece of cake” I referenced would soon be served and I would not be invited to the party.

            I had everything set up for an event on campus to collect supplies and last week the event came and went without me knowing.  When I found out the day after the event had taken place without me there my heart literally stopped. Thoughts flooded my brain – how was I going to collect the supplies? Would I still reach my goal at the end of the year? What is my grade now going to look like? What am I going to do?

I let my mind run wild and my heart race for a few minutes before telling myself to calm down.  During those few minutes, I am sure to anyone passing by I looked like a regular girl, but inside was a panicky scared little girl on the verge of tears. True to my fashion, I snapped myself out of it refusing to let anxiety get the best of me for more than five minutes. I could overcome this. I could think of a new idea. I wont let this set me back.

The truth is, no matter how much someone has experience event planning unforeseen obstacles still occur.  It’s kind of the nature of the game. Sometimes even more successful events arise after being faced with adversity (at least I am hoping so in this case.) We can’t plan for everything, but if there is one thing this class has helped me learn it is just to move on. I could have dwelled on my event falling apart, could have run crying for help during the next class and begged for leniency on my poor grade.  But I knew hope was not lost. With a month still left in the semester there was plenty of time to create an event, and the wheels in my mind were already turning with ideas. I even gained a partner to collaborate with on the event!

I thought about my network on campus and I thought about organizations I was involved in. While we are still working on the details, I am sure this event will be successful and collect a lot of supplies to send to Afghan children.  I can’t wait to share the details with you soon.

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