To Infinity and Beyond

Sometimes I forget how time flies. One of the things that always makes me realize a semester is drawing to a close is registering for the next semester’s classes. Well, this morning I did just that, and, after a few minutes of contemplation, I realized this is the next to last time I will ever do this. This fall marks my last full year at USF as an undergraduate, and I hope to make a big impact with that final year. If next year is anything like this year, I know I’ll go out with a big bang.

My father, helping me pack boxes for our class (Photo by: Shelby Register 2012).

Let me backtrack a bit. Last night I was at home and decided to go ahead and start packing up my boxes of school supplies. I had most of the supplies I’ve collected thus far, so I hauled them into the house. On top of all these supplies, my super cool parents had collected some other things as well. My dad had stuff from a cleaned out supply closet at Tampa Electric, where he works, and my mother had bought some notebooks and chalk from Office Depot. With all of my supplies gathered, I knew I was well on my way to collecting my ten required boxes. So, with the help of my father, I started packing boxes.

The cart that carried the partially packed boxes from my car (Photo by: Shelby Register 2012)

Some of the items we collected left space in the boxes, so I headed back up to USF this morning to complete the packing with the pens donated from BIC. What was the grand total of boxes packed you ask? ELEVEN. With those 11 boxes, I still have a few more pens from BIC to pack, and donations still rolling in. I am so happy to have exceeded my goal of 10 boxes with a month left of school. I hope to go far beyond this goal in the coming weeks, but we will see what happens. Either way, I owe a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far. There will definitely be some thank you cards written in the next few weeks!

The 11 boxes that will ship out to Sarasota troop Greg Para soon (Photo by: Shelby Register).

The great Buzz Lightyear, of Toy Story fame, has the catchphrase “To Infinity and Beyond!” I imagine this project doing the same for me. It has brought me way past my expectations for this semester and has influenced me in ways I couldn’t imagine. When I signed up for this class, I had no idea the benefit I would be doing for the children of Afghanistan. I only hope the joy I get from this class is repeated in the classes I have next fall as well. In a way, I have a feeling that this class was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.


About Shelby R.

Shelby Register is in her third year at the University of South Florida. She is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemistry and is participating in the Honors College program. After her graduation, she hopes to go to medical school. In her free time, Shelby likes to volunteer, travel, watch the Food Network, and try out new recipes in the kitchen.
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