Heading in the Right Direction

Hello all! It’s time for a weekly update on all my school supplies endeavors and what I have accomplished thus far and what I hope to achieve in the coming weeks.

Our event table at USF's Bull Market! (Photo Courtesy Avagay W.)

This past Wednesday, we held our school supply drive and fundraiser at the weekly USF’s Bull Market. With the help of Mark Schreiner at WUSF Public Media, who was willing to help us spread the word  about our school supply drive, our event turned out to be a major success. During our event, we stopped anyone that was passing by and asked if they would like to donate any school supplies that will be sent to needy children in Afghanistan as part of humanitarian missions operated by US troops. Before we knew it, we had people literally going in their purses, backpack, and pockets trying to find pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, and notebooks to donate to us. By the end of the day we had received a full box of donated school supplies from faculty and students around campus. This certainly proves that people are willing to help in the smallest ways they can to change the lives of the Afghan children and to help the US troops deployed over there.

The box of donated school supplies, we received at Bull Market. (Photo Courtesy Avagay W.)

On another front, I met with Bishop Robert Regester at his church, the “New Life Christian Fellowship” during my spring break. I was able to leave a school supply collection box with him, and while I was there, he encouraged me to continue working hard because our project is for such a great cause. Also, just a few days ago, my friend Alex told me that  he was able to collect three boxes full of school supplies for me. When I first learned of this, I could not  even imagine that he went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with this project. This to me shows that when I least expect it, school supplies just keeps popping up out of nowhere.

Me and Bishop Robert Regester! (Photo Courtesy Avagay W.)

I am so thankful for everyone, who came out on Wednesday and supported our Bull Market school supply drive. With  the dedication and the support of everyone that is willing to change the lives of the Afghan children, I am that much closer to accomplishing my goal, of collecting 10 boxes of  donated school supplies for the semester. I just can’t wait to take make my next great leap and see where it takes me. I am so enthusiastic about what is really in store for me and how much further I can go;  I can really strive to accomplish all my goals.

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