A Long Awaited Return

Journeys take us in many directions, for defining experiences or personal reflections; but when we return we are often not the same. Coming back from a Spring Break vacation in Vermont I’m feeling as though so much in my life is only habit; and even though I feel as though it’s important, if the need arises, I could drop it in a second. Very little in our lives will be with us always; but education is one of them. So the ability to give that precious companion to someone is such an amazing thing. All it takes are simple everyday items that we Americans wouldn’t think twice about.

Me in the Bull Market stall for school supplies.

Me in the Bull Market stall for school supplies on Wednesday. Photo by Avagay Watson.

On Wednesday Avagay1 and I set up a stall in the USF Bull Market as a school supplies collection drive. We got there early enough to set up in the shade and we spent the morning and afternoon soliciting for supplies. The day blessed us with cool weather and the rain was kept at bay until after we packed up for the day. I’d say the event was a success.  However, we collected at least two boxes worth of supplies; much of which came from non-students who had heard about our drive through Afghanistan My Last Tour or mass invitation. Unfortunately, many student and staff wanted to donate but didn’t have the time to bring it to day, so we told them to drop them off at the Honors College.

Looking back to how we set up our event, I feel as though some of the set up information was obscure. So for future classes, I’ll take

Some of the donated supplies from the Bull Market drive. Photo by Alejandro Cuesta.

some time to tell you some of the things you’ll want to take into account. First off, a Bull market stall is free for students and you can sign up for it here; I would suggest signing up a few weeks to a month advance to guarantee a space. If you can say yes to a tent and if they won’t provide one, acquire one in a shadyer way. You’ll get a lot more traffic setting up directly in front of the Marshall Center doorway than in the shade along the walkway; and the tent will keep you out of the sun and rain. In order to get a space in front of the Marshall Center, get there early! If you want more donations; make it very clear that used supplies are a welcomed commodity, new isn’t necessary. Lastly, ask your professor for as many contacts as possible for people with mass email lists; students are notoriously dismissive and getting people genuinely interested in helping the drive to donate is rewarding.

As always, follow this link for a list of items collected for school supply donations or if you have supplies for donation. Thank you for your support and have a good weekend.

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2 Responses to A Long Awaited Return

  1. Helping others is so rewarding! You are correct that one thing that never leaves you is education. Once educated, always educated…even if you have a traumatic brain injury! Thanks for helping people in this world.

  2. linda says:

    i am so happy for you !!

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