Education Changes Lives

This spring break I had the opportunity to travel to London with a group from the Honors College here at USF. It was the most amazing week I have ever had. Truly life-changing. No, I am not trying to make you jealous by telling you this. Instead, I am trying to stress the importance of education. I would not have been able to travel to London, to learn about myself and spend a wonderful week learning about another culture and making new friends, had I not been given the chance to get an education in the first place. If I had not gone to college, I would have spent this week doing nothing out of the ordinary. But instead, my education allowed me to enjoy a transformative week of adventure.

London! (Photo Taken By Me)

Upon returning to the states, it has only intensified my desire to help those school children in Afghanistan who are not able to obtain an education. I realize the value of such a simple thing as a pen and a pencil. I understand that these children need to be given the opportunity to learn and to maybe one day experience the joys from education that I was able to enjoy.

It’s funny. Almost a month ago I sent out letters to my friends and family asking them to help donate to our fundraiser. I hadn’t heard anything back so assumed that nothing was to come of it. However, upon starting up school again, I have had an influx of responses. My father’s engineering firm contacted me and said they are going to send a check on behalf of our cause. My friend’s aunt and uncle, my pseudo-aunt and uncle I like to say since I am extremely close to them, also contacted me saying they were going to donate.

Help Donate!

Probably the best surprise of all was when one of my friends showed up at my door with a bag full of school supplies. He said it was my late birthday present. Instead of buying something material for my birthday, something that I didn’t need, he decided to go out and buy a bunch of school supplies to donate. It left me speechless. Definitely the best birthday present I could have asked for.

I feel as though these donations came at the perfect time. I had just come back from the trip of a lifetime that I was able to take because of my education. It helped show me even more how important education is. Then with all these people responding to my donation requests, it lights a greater fire in me and shows me that I have a gift of knowledge right now that others are not fortunate enough to have. I am going to use my gift to make sure that those less fortunate are given an opportunity. Every little bit counts. Everyone deserves a chance to shine.

About Allison Chalifoux

Hey everyone. I am a student at the University of South Florida majoring in public relations and business. I am a triathlete so am always training and working out. (huge nutrition and exercise buff here). I love adventure, travel, and experiencing new and exciting things. I love to cook and bake. You can find me in the kitchen most of the time experimenting with new recipes. My dream is to eventually open my own bakery specializing in wedding cakes. My nickname is Little Sunshine, so the purpose of my blogs is to bring a smile to people's faces and inspire them in their day to day activities. I currently work as a lifeguard at Adventure Island in Tampa.
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