A Thank you to Our Donors and Those Who Have Helped Me

After all the effort I’ve put in this semester in getting the word out and collecting supplies it feels so good to finally see some results in the form of donations.  Coming back from spring break I have good news about quite a few donations that I have received.  I want to write this blog to honor those that helped me and made such an important contribution to this organization.

Several weeks ago, I wrote and mailed out donation letters to several people regarding my work with School Supplies for Afghan Children.  My goal was to concisely tell the story of our charity and to raise awareness as well as to solicit donations.  While a lot of my requests were not reciprocated with any form of donation, I did get some great contributions from my family and my close friend and roommate’s mother.  This blog is a thank you to all the work they did.

Spiral Bound Notebooks: Photo Courtesy of Spark Notes

I knew my mom would come through for me with a pretty significant pile of items.  She bought quite a few large packs of pens and paper for me to take back.  What I was especially happy to see is that she managed to get a pretty impressive stack of spiral bound notebooks from the school she works at.  My mom is an Occupational Therapist at a public school in my hometown and so she was able to utilize some of the supplies present at her school to contribute to our charity.  I was happy that I managed to get a pretty wide variety of items including crayons, colored pencils and craft scissors as well as paper, pens, and pencils.

The person I really want to thank is my roommate’s mother.  Without any familial sense of obligation she went above and beyond to collect a ton of items.  She bought so much paper and many packs of pens.  I was incredibly impressed by the amount of items she contributed as well as the excitement and enthusiasm she had for the project.  As a military spouse I guess the project resonated with her and she was more than happy to get involved.

I wanted to write this blog as a thank you to her efforts.  Her care and concern for me makes me feel that although I’m just a close friend and roommate of her daughter I feel like family.  Her passion for contributing to this project really inspired me since it gave me an opportunity to see how my efforts were inspiring others to help with the project.  I can’t wait to get this boxes sent out to the children.

Afghan Children Receiving Donated Supplies: Photo Courtesy of Rex Temple

So I want to give a thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause, whether it was through me or anyone else.  Your donations are making a difference to these kids as well as to those of us who are running this charity.  I am inspired by your actions and I really want you to know that.  If you are interested in making a contribution to our charity check out the list of items we collect.

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