Gathering Pens. Making Progress.

Throughout my blogs this semester I have not made it a secret that the scope of this class brings me as much joy and excitement as it does anxiety and worries. There is so much that can be done, so many people I want to reach out to, and so little time for me to do it in.   I used to let this fact slow me down.  I would try to plan out every detail and make time for every future plan for my school supple drive, until one day I realized I needed to push my fear of failing aside and jump in with both feet.

What I am really learning from this course is with an important cause, a little creativity, and the courage to just ask anything is possible. The experience has taught me many things, and more importantly has made progress in our effort to send school supplies to Afghan children.  In one semester I have accomplished things I never thought were possible and have witnessed an extremely positive response from the community.  While not all my efforts were successful or easy to come by, I want to share my recent triumphs with you.

In the beginning of the semester one of our assignments was to send letters to people in our network that we thought may be interested in the cause.  I immediately got a response from the Dean’s Office in the College of Business and we briefly spoke of different ways individuals or the office could get involved.  A few weeks later, no follow up necessary, I got this tweet:

A grin immediately spread across my face. Amazing people doing amazing things.

My next surprise came yesterday afternoon. We each sent out press releases to various media outlets. I somewhat skeptically sent mine out assuming they would never get back to me. Word of advice – never assume. Another word of advice – tune in to Fox 13 News!

Click here to watch the broadcast and read the article.

With every positive response or the smallest donation I receive I get genuinely excited.  At first the excitement comes my own accomplishment.  From the simple fact that I went for something not expecting much in return and got someone like Miss America so Tweet a message to all her followers or a news story to air on TV. But the true excitement comes when I realize what I am actually working toward. Sure a celebrity retweet can make any Twitter user feel special, but the message being spread to all those followers is a much more exciting than the two seconds of fame.

I honestly feel like I am making a difference and that I am contributing to a cause that can really bring about change. I sometimes look at the supplies I have already collected and think, “Soon these pens will be in the hands of children across the world.” It’s a pretty powerful thought – and if you would like to have one of your own pens sent across the globe to Afghan children I can help you experience that same emotion of satisfaction.

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