The difficulty of conveying thoughts to words

So I’ve been seriously pondering what I should tell you about today. As you’ve probably already read we are now coming back from spring break. Do I have anything to report? Not particularly. I did manage to get about 30 drawstring bags from my parents that were donated which is pretty exciting stuff and I’m really thankful for it but I have decided to share something else with you all. Our dedicated readers.

Hopefully our presentation will be more colorful this this guy's
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Tonight, long after this has been posted Jenna and I will be giving a presentation tonight with a sorority to recruit their support for the school supply drive. As you can guess from the title of this post. I’m nervous. Yep. This is true. Sure, we know what the project is about and we have materials, posters, and boxes all ready for us to employ and use to convey our message across but that still does not help the actual verbalization of our message. I’m not a very good articular. I tend to say: um, you know, well, basically…etc I also ramble and repeat myself. The point is that this is the summation of everything I tell you all on a weekly basis but in a 15-20 minute presentation. We need to convey all of those thoughts into this presentation.

Perhaps that’s the beauty of presentations: the ability to add a voice to the message, to make it personable and relateble along with every other -able that would make what we are doing that much clearer to our audience. The positive thinking doesn’t help the nerves any better but that’s also why it’s helpful that I’m not doing this by myself. Not only do I have a partner in this presentation but I have all of the experiences from my classmates to take with me. We support each other. We’re in this together (cute High School Musical) and hopefully through this experience we’ll gain more support from others and more people that we can support.

This is a cheesy picture but it was the simplest one I could find that could convey what I'm saying. We're all working together. The people in my class and the ones we are speaking too. All in it together. Photo Credit:

Stay tuned for updates on how this presentation goes and pictures from it. 🙂
Until next time-


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I'm a student at the University of South Florida majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I would like to be a Speech Language Pathologist in the future. In my spare time I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, spending time with my family and traveling. Oh, and a good book is always a plus!
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2 Responses to The difficulty of conveying thoughts to words

  1. Lorene Gilleland says:

    I hope you had a really good break that left you recharged for the rest of the semester. I also hope your presentation went well. I remember how nervous I used to get before I had to speak to a group- no matter how small. (I never thought I would survive speech class.) Fortunately, if you are impassioned for your cause, it can overcome the jitters. :o)
    Lorene Gilleland

    • Phoebe says:

      Thank you, Ms. Gilleland for your words of support. I really appreciate you’re dedication to reading our blog. The presentation went by in a blur. I don’t really remember much from it :/ was too anxious but they seemed to respond well to what we said. Thank you, again.


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